20.05.22 | COVID-19 Update

Beginning Sunday, May 22, all KIS community members will only need to submit one ATK test per week. This includes faculty/staff, students, and parents (if they are planning or suspecting they will come on campus that week). As usual, please submit the test results no later than 8pm. This change is a result of new government regulations and our own assessment based on the very low number of KIS cases.

Those community members that are symptomatic will need to submit ATK results any day of the week they are experiencing symptoms. Those with symptoms should test immediately, and not wait for the Sunday requirement.

18.04.22 | COVID-19 Update

KIS has updated our COVID isolation requirments. The new set of guidelines continues our stance for safety while reducing the interruptions to our academic program. Our new regulations are in line with the latest direct of the Ministry of Health in Thailand.

What is now the most important consideration in determining whether someone is a high risk or a low risk when they have come into contact with a COVID-19 positive case is whether they are wearing a mask. For the vast number of situations, if a person is wearing a mask over mouth and nose then this will be a low risk situation in our new set of protocols. We will place less emphasis on bubbles or length of time someone may have had with a COVID-19 positive person to determine if someone is high risk.

08.01.22 | COVID-19 Update & Back School Reminders

We hope you all had a restful and rejuvenating holiday! KIS is opening as normal on Monday 10 January (with all safety protocols in place).

Based on survey results we are aware there will be increased absences on Monday. Our hard-working teachers will provide synchronous and asynchronous material to support home learners until things are more stabilized.

Primary School students are returning to school with a staggered start on Monday and Tuesday. Please check your email for your specific return day. This staggered start will allow our youngest learners to familiarize themselves with new protocols and schedules prior to everyone being on campus together on Wednesday

And, don’t forget to upload ATK test results to https://health.kis.ac.th/Login on Sunday.

15.12.21 | COVID-19 Update

After many months of remote/hybrid learning, KIS is thrilled to fully reopen on Monday, 10 January 10, 2022 for both Primary and Secondary students five days a week. 

29.11.21 | COVID-19 Update

Welcome back to all our secondary students! The survey feedback from faculty and parents indicated our community feels comfortable increasing our capacity and frequency of on-campus secondary programs with our strict safety protocols in place.
Primary students will continue with their current hybrid learning schedule as we evaluate the possibility of returning full-time in the future.

Thank you for your continued adaptability, patience, and feedback as we work towards reopening campus. Our philosophy at KIS is to err on the side of caution when it comes to the health and safety of our community. We prefer to open more slowly and with more thoughtfulness to our planning, given our unique needs and resources.

29.10.21 | COVID-19 Update & School Re-opening

Dear KIS Community,

We are thrilled to begin welcoming students and staff back on campus for a staggered and safe start. Secondary School students in group B return on November 1st and Primary School students and Secondary School Students in group A return on Monday November 8th.

We have been hard at work sanitizing campus and preparing for a smooth transition. Thank you for your adaptability, patience, and feedback. This has been a collaborative effort and we truly appreciate your partnership.

Please see the HOS email sent on October 29th for the specific details in our Return to Campus Handbook.

Paul Johnson
Head of School

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